Creative Robots

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Sidey Myoo


We live in an era that witnesses an increasing significance of artificial intelligence
and anticipates increasingly intelligent systems. With artificial intelligence and
intelligent robots taking over some of the functions previously performed by humans,
there are raised questions about the type and scope of their activity in relation to
human abilities. This process raises a number of questions about the possibility of
identifying those spheres of human activity that cannot be imitated by intelligent
programmes or robots. At first sight, such human qualities include emotionality,
feelings, and creativity. In this paper, I examine whether intelligent robots could
potentially be artistically creative and supplant humans in these processes? Its thesis
is that while it is difficult to find innovative and creative robots at this particular
moment, it is equally difficult to deny that robots do create art on some level. This
invites a perspective that emphasises that while in this respect, at present, human
nature is not imitated by robots and artificial intelligence, yet, at the same time, the
homo-centric approach is questioned by the assumption that creativity is merely a
temporary human quality rather than its permanent property, and that some form
of creativity is indeed performed by artificial intelligence

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Myoo , S. . (2022). Creative Robots. Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia De Arte Et Educatione, 14(304), 30–39.